Journey Back to Mips


Wilhelm Lidström
Product Development Engineer

I departed from Mips to seek a deeper engagement in product design and a direct connection with consumers, elements I felt were missing in my previous role.

Learnings from Time Away
My stint outside Mips, in a rapidly growing company, taught me the importance of structured
processes in scaling up. This experience reshaped my perspective on growth and company

Reasons for Returning
The strong, family-like culture at Mips and the continued evolution in helmet design drew me
back. Conversations with former colleagues reassured me that the Mips spirit remained
intact despite its growth.

Cultural Changes Observed
Upon my return, I was pleasantly surprised to find the company culture stronger than before.
The sense of community, once seemingly fading, was now robust, a testament to Mips’s
commitment to its core values even amidst growth.

Mips’s Unique Value
Mips’s standout feature is its comprehensive industry expertise, offering a rich environment
for learning and leading in helmet safety.

Future Goals and Support
My aspiration is to grow with Mips, pushing both myself and the company forward. Mips has
been supportive in aligning my personal ambitions with its strategic goals.

Recommendation to Prospects
I recommend Mips as an employer that values and understands the importance of its
people’s well-being, offering a balanced and supportive work environment.

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