World’s first hockey helmet with MIPS brain protection system announceds

The Swedish brain protection brand, MIPS, announces TRUE Hockey as its first partner in the hockey helmet industry.

MIPS, the world leader in brain protection systems within helmet safety, today announ- ces its partnership with premier hockey brand TRUE and the development of the first MIPS-equipped hockey helmet, the Dynamic 9 Pro, slated for release later this year.

According to a 2015 research paper by Hutchison et. al, the most common body part initially contacted in a collision during an ice hockey game, is the player’s head (at a rate of 68%), and 88% of concussions involved player-to-opponent contact as part of regular play, outside of fighting on the ice.

In an effort to account for these statistics, TRUE sought out MIPS’ expertise, built on decades of neurological research and their successful transformation of the safety culture in the cycling, snow, equestrian, and motorcycle markets. By partnering with MIPS to create the Dynamic 9 Pro helmet, TRUE is poised to build a safer environment for players around the world.

The MIPS brain protection system is de- signed to reduce the rotational motion transmitted to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Rotational motion affect the brain and increases the risk for both minor and severe brain injuries. MIPS’ added protection system has been proven to reduce the rotational motion when implemented in a helmet by absorbing and redirecting energies and forces other- wise transmitted to the brain.

The all-new ultra lightweight Dynamic 9 Pro helmet offers personalized fit and the added protection of the MIPS Brain Protection System. TRUE will release addi- tional details on the helmet at the time of commercial launch later this year.“We are very excited about the partner- ship with TRUE and that we now have the possibility to bring increased safety to the world of hockey,” says Johan Thiel, CEO of MIPS. “This is a new category for us but a category that MIPS have been looking at for a long time. TRUE is a partner that shares our values and we are looking forward to the fall when the helmet will be released on the market.”

“The partnership with MIPS has been tre- mendous and with our innovation and development teams working closely together, we are now bringing game-changing tech- nology into the hockey helmet space” says Jeremy Erspamer, CEO of TRUE Sports. “This product delivers upon the promise of TRUE Hockey to continue to introduce high-performance, innovative products across all hockey equipment categories. We could not be more excited about the product and the technology and we look forward to a very successful product launch this Fall.”

The TRUE Dynamic 9 Pro MIPS helmet will be available starting in November 2019. Keep an eye out for more information at

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